Management Team

Anton Milner - Director

Anton Milner is a native Englishman, nowadays better characterised as cosmopolitan. He is especially known for his career as co-founder and long-time CEO at the German solar cell manufacturer Q-Cells. In the PV world he is highly acknowledged as a strong strategist and cool calculator. Now he is enthusiastic to be a first mover in the solar market of his home country.


Dagmar Vogt - Director

Dagmar Vogt is the driving force behind vogt solar Ltd. and ib vogt. She is always full of ideas, travelling, networking and starting new business. As founder of all companies, she demonstrated courage and business sense on many occasions. This also brought her several business and leadership awards. She loves to work for the solar industry and thus making the world a little bit “greener”.


Anton Milner, Director
Dagmar Vogt, Director