Solar Farms

vogt solar builds solar farms on land in the south of the UK. The solar farms typically generate around 5 MWp. A typical 5MWp solar farm generates enough clean energy to power approximately 1,200 homes - with a CO2 saving of around 500 g/kWh (based on savings made by domestic consumers*) or put another way, a CO2 saving of 55,000 tonnes over the 25 year lifetime.  

5 MWp to power 1,200 homes

A typical 5MWp solar farm covers approximately 36 acres (14.8 hectares) of land. At most, only 1/3 of the total area is covered by solar panels. Solar panels are typically 1.6m by 1m in size and are mounted between 1m and 2.65m above the ground (max. height 3m - depending on the angle/frame design), providing clearance for plants and other habitats to remain.   


*Note: this calculation is as a result of generation only and is based on equivalent CO2 emissions from a gas-fired power plant; these numbers would differ for coal as a coal-fired plant would emit approximately 830g of CO2 per kWh compared to 380g from a gas-fired plant.

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